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Things Home Sellers Should Stop Telling Potential Buyers…Seriously!

Updated: Jun 5

Our price is negotiable. We don’t really need to sell – the buyer is now thinking if you don’t need to sell…why are you selling? Is there a problem in the house? Is the neighborhood changing in the negative? The buyer’s Agent is thinking the house is probably overpriced and you aren’t planning on accepting anything lower than asking. The buyer’s Agent is also wondering WHY you are hanging around? Didn’t your Agent tell you to leave when a showing was scheduled?

Let me show you around the house…NO!!! The Seller should always leave the house before or immediately after the potential buyer(s) show up. You want the buyer to feel at home and comfortable…not rushed or like they are inconveniencing you. The longer the potential buyer is in your home the better chance they are really interested.

I start my new job in Arizona in a month – do yourself a favor and be quiet. The potential Buyer doesn’t need to know your plans. Telling them you need to be in Arizona is like telling them offer me anything and ask for everything…I need to be done in a month. Your negotiating power just flew out the window.

Anything and everything you say (Seller) can and will be used against you when the potential Buyer writes an offer.

Remember this, Buyer’s Agents are trained to gather information and use it to the potential Buyers advantage.

Lastly, a Listing Agent is a buffer between the Seller, Buyer and the Buyer’s Agent. Let your Listing Agent earn their commission.

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