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Super Inexpensive Ways to Spruce up your Home…Inside and Out Before Listing your Home for Sale

Updated: Jun 5

Lawn - mow the lawn and pull out the edger/trimmer

Bushes - trim bushes down and back

Add color to the yard - plant a few flowers

If you have an old paint job or loud colors - paint neutral colors throughout the home

Professional Cleaning - deep cleaning of entire house

Clothes - purge closets of anything not being worn (seasonal clothing)

Inside and outside lighting - change light bulbs

Pets, Smoking, etc - neutralize odors with natural deodorizers…not anything flowery

Clean all windows

Repaint front door

Power wash house

Power wash walk and drive ways

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets also need to be purged

Wash curtains to remove any food and/or smoking smells

If your light switch plates and electrical outlets are old replace them

Caulk gaps – caulking should be done on the inside and outside of the home. If you have crown moulding check it for gaps. You should also check your baseboards and shoe moulding. Windows need to be re-caulked from the outside.

Pick up, straighten, unclutter, scrub, dust the entire house. Clean like you’ve never cleaned before. If your rooms feel crowded take out some of the furniture. You want your home to shine and make a good first impression. Have a friend or family member visit your home and provide brutal feedback on what needs to be done to get the home in shape for prospective buyers.

No matter how insignificant it may appear fix it. The step that squeaks, the light switch that doesn’t work, the hairline crack in the bathroom mirror – they might be minor annoyances to you, but they can also be deal killers. You never know what will turn a prospective buyer off. And even something minor that’s gone unattended can suggest that perhaps there are bigger, less visible problems present.

Remember you are going up against other comparable homes for sale and brand-new homes as well. You only get one chance to impress.

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