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All Realtors Aren’t Created Equally

Updated: Jun 5

Let’s first start with what is the difference in a Realtor/Real Estate Agent, Associate Broker and Broker.

A Realtor/Real Estate Agent is required to work under a Broker. They are Independent Contractors working under a Broker…they are not employees. They must adhere to commission structures of the Broker. Most often they cannot negotiate commission with a prospective client unless approved by the Broker.

An Associate Broker has completed the necessary classroom instruction and passed a rigorous test. They work under a Broker with no responsibility for other Agents or the day-to-day running of an office or they can use their license to become a Broker.

The Broker runs the brokerage and may or may not be active selling and listing property. The Broker is responsible for everyone in the office.

Most people just refer to real estate professionals as Agents. Now that I’ve cleared that up…clear as mud huh? Moving on…

Whether purchasing or selling a home Realtors are NOT created equal. The key to finding the right Agent is to find someone whose personal style and methods fit in with your own. Start the search by getting referrals from friends, co-workers and family. Set-up a time for each Agent to interview. Never go blindly with a referral. What may have worked for your friend, co-worker or family member may not work for you.

Take time to interview each potential Agent. Look at the professionalism of his/her marketing materials and get a feel for how comfortable you are talking with this person. The Agent should supply you with a list of past client references. If they don’t offer this to you Ask for it. You should feel confident that the Agent you choose is a trustworthy and knowledgeable individual, working full-time and representing a solid and reputable brokerage.

Agents by law in most states are not allowed to “recommend” services to you. By services I mean home inspectors, title companies, insurance companies, etc. If an Agent presses you to use a particular service provider tread cautiously. The Agent by law can provide a list of service providers as long as there are at least three of each type of provider on their list for you to choose from.

If you are looking in the State of Maryland I have numerous Agents I can refer you to. After all, I listed and sold residential real estate in Maryland from 1991 – 2017.

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