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9 Ways to Keep Your Home Ready for Showings

Updated: Jun 5

Congratulations on doing all of the hard work involved in getting your house ready to put on the market. If you are still living in the house while it’s on the market, you will need to be disciplined in keeping it clean, neat and ready for a showing. Always open the blinds and leave lights on when you know of a showing. At the very least always open the blinds and make the beds…every day.

Here are a few suggestions for living while still keeping your perfectly staged home looking “show” ready.

1. Get Rid of ALL Clutter

The first part of your staging will likely have been to cut the clutter. Keep up the good work. In fact, be completely ruthless. Follow the rule of, "A place for everything, and everything in its place." Make sure all the storage solutions you use are smart ones that will keep drawers, cabinet and closets looking clutter free so that you can open the door to prospective buyers at a moment’s notice.

2. Stop Shopping

Chances are you’ve already gotten rid of a lot of things you haven’t used in years. Yes, the house may now look a bit bare, but this is a good thing - especially if you are planning to downsize. Resist the temptation to shop. Don’t use the excuse of needing it when you move into your new home. Definitely avoid this if you are planning to move to a smaller place.

3. Morning Spot Clean

Pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. Clean up spills as soon as they happen. Take out the trash often, dust, vacuum and use unscented or lemon-scented cleaners to keep everything smelling fresh.

4. Wash Clothes Often

Don’t let it pile up and start to smell or leave you with lots of clothes in the hamper, on the line or in baskets. Train the members of your family to hand over their wash and not hide it under the beds and so on. Remember, buyers will look everywhere when touring homes.

5. Odor Neutralizers

These will help get rid of common household smells without disguising them with chemical-smelling air fresheners.

6. Cooking Smells

There’s nothing worse for some people than the smell of fish cooking. For others, it’s garlic and onions. In many cases, you will have showings on the weekends, so avoid any strong smelling, pungent foods. One solution: cook in bulk during the week and package up the leftovers as make-and-freeze meals. Then you won’t have to worry about the smell or cleaning, and you can even take a break from cooking while still eating well.

7. Stay Away from Bulk Items

Running a busy household means keeping essentials on hand, but you really don’t need to buy 50 rolls of toilet paper at a time…especially while your house is on the market. Make your closets and storage areas appear larger by not stock piling household items.

8. Personal Paperwork

When bills come, sit down to pay them online or write a check. Then file away the bill. Sign up for paperless bills and set reminders. Also consider setting up automatic bill pay. Keep anything personal out of sight.

9. Keep your Entryway Open

Avoid items like boots, umbrellas, bookbags, backpacks and so on at the front entranceway. Use a plastic storage bin to put these items away into the closet if they are wet. Wear slippers around the house so you don’t track outdoor dirt through the house.

Have a place for everything and put everything in its place while your home is on the market. Follow these simple tips, and your house will stay looking good for potential buyers.

I hope you enjoyed the above post. Is there anything you’d add to this list?

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