If you want to learn from an Agent that has already accomplished what you are trying to need a mentor. Preferably someone not still selling as you would be their competition and they might not share everything they know with you.  I’m no longer selling.  I retired in 2017 after a successful 26 year career. I started off working part-time as a Realtor in 1991.  I learned what I could from my mentor and shared my commissions with him for my first 3 deals.

If you don’t want to share half of your commission or more you need to consider a mentor outside of your brokerage.  Someone who is 100% dedicated to seeing you succeed. Hiring me to be your mentor isn’t cost prohibitive. You pay for my services 3 months at a time. Your contract is for 3 months.  You may need only 3 months or you may need 18 months...your choice.

A retired Agent, like myself, will also be a great Accountability Partner for you and your business.  Weekly check-ins to assist you when you get stuck or just need motivation to keep moving toward your goal(s).