About Me

In the middle of 2017, my husband retired from his job after 20 years of service in law enforcement. We thank God every day for this blessing!

At the end of 2017, I closed my real estate brokerage, Affinity Realty Group, after a very long career in real estate. (I started in 1991.) It’s been bittersweet. I truly miss working with Sellers and Buyers. I always got a feeling of accomplishment assisting others in selling and buying real estate.

We sold our home after 2 days on the market…yeah baby!! Negotiated a rent back for 30 days, started packing and looking for our new home. We visited both North and South Carolina. We knew we wanted to move to someplace with less traffic congestion and without the hustle and bustle of a Metropolitan area.

After much prayer and discussion, we (read my husband) decided on North Carolina. We have been here since June 2017 and I’m still getting use to the slower pace, crazy street names, and living in a subdivision that’s surrounded by rural farms…I see cows, pigs, goats, chickens and horses everywhere…oh my! Also, lots of tobacco and even cotton. Did you know that cotton grows on a bushy shrub out of the ground? I didn’t.

I’m a suburban city kind of girl…not country. I don’t really like HOT weather and I can’t stand bugs. North Carolina is HOT, HOT, HOT and there are some really big bugs here. I came down here with hair…the humidity is so bad I had helmet head most of the time…had to cut it off.

Since we are retired we have been doing things ourselves versus calling in the professionals…again my husband. (Why is it that men don’t want to ask for help?) I have been in the yard digging up weeds, cutting grass, and planting shrubs. I learned how to use a riding mower and found that I actually like it. I’ve also tried my hand at the push mower…that was a bit of a fail. The push mower is self-propelled. I didn’t understand how to use it so the mower was basically propelling me around the yard. After my husband had a good laugh, he showed me the proper way to utilize the mower. I’m a work-in–progress.

This has been a journey that I’m slowly falling in LOVE with. It’s also one I’m glad to be on with my best friend in the world, my handsome, sexy, humble, strong Christian man, Carl.

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